Marie Papilles is so much more than a customized catering service or a personal chef !

Discover my creativity !

Originally from Blue Sea Lake in the Gatineau Valley, Outaouais, I have returned to the region after eight years of travelling around the world. It is here that Mary Papilles evolves, according to the seasons and products offered.

My goal ? Create a progressive and ecological cuisine, which is adapted to fit the tastes and curiosity of my clients.

My passion

Bringing people together around a table, making them discover new flavours, encouraging them to explore novel products, that is what makes me happy! Thanks to Marie Papilles, I hope to reach as many people as possible, and raise awareness toward healthy, fresh, tasty and local eating.

I am constantly evolving according to new trends and new products. Cooking and the restaurant industry feed me in every sense of the term.

My experience

I have been passionately involved in the restaurant industry for many years. Curious and jack-of-all-trades, I honed, over time, my know-how and my practical experience. Combined with my training, my experience has helped me to develop a customized client approach as well as an excellent knowledge of the environment.

  • International Service and Sommelier Training at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec (ITHQ)
  • Diploma of Vocational Studies in Professional Cooking at Relais de la Lièvre-Seigneurie
  • Attestation of Vocational Specialization Market Cuisine at Relais de la Lièvre-Seigneurie

The food

Food constitutes a balance in itself. I believe that it is very important to eat well and choose one’s ingredients with care. That is why I promote a return to the land, and local products. Cooking is a wonderful pleasure to share and legacy that I wish to convey thanks to Mary Papilles.

My Approach

Armed with my experience, I have managed to create my own style in the kitchen. I carefully chose all the products that make up my dishes, and I make it my priority to respect the needs and tastes of my clients. My distinguished and professional service, as well as my concern to satisfy people, are part of my approach.

Marie Papilles, what is it ?

  • Marie Papilles is cooking classes that are creative and adapted to seasonal products.
  • It is an intuitive and tasty cuisine, which encourages local producers and products.
  • It is a tasty and seasonal cuisine, with an ecological and committed philosophy.
  • It is a desire to eat healthily and try new things.
  • Marie Papilles is above all, a cuisine full of love and happiness for the taste buds !

Marie Papilles, who is it for ?

  • For foodies and gourmets who want to treat themselves.
  • For all those who favour local consumerism and a return to the land.
  • For people who want to gather around good dishes prepared with care and passion.
  • For the curious who wish to live a different culinary experience.
  • For the healthy and creative eaters with a small je-ne-sais-quoi.